Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How To Play Mp3 and Video in Ubuntu

If you want to enjoy linux sound and video player, so this is may be right place for you. I am going to tell you exactly how will you play mp3 and video in Ubuntu Linux

If you like xmms so simply go to

Applications ->Add/Remove Programs

Click on Sound & Video , then select xmms from Application section and click Ok.

Now it will install xmms with mp3 decoder , now enjoy your favorite mp3 songs in Ubuntu , How simple is playing MP3 in linux.

If you want to watch your favorite movie in Ubuntu , its very simple Just do following.

Go to , Applications -> Add/Remove Program

You will get this type of screen once again select Sound & Video , now select
GStreamer extra plugins and GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin after that click on Apply and then OK.

Now enjoy your favorite movie's in Ubuntu Linux. Following Format's are supported.....

mp3, sid, mpeg1-2,4 , AC-3, wmv, asf , mpeg, divx, DVD (without encryption)